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Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations (CACA) was established in 2008 to help raise funds to support Wenchuan Earthquake Relief in Sichuan China. It has now become an alliance of over 130 Chinese associations. Its mandates are: unity, mutual assistance, dedication, and prosperous. It is now one of the most active Chinese Alliance organizations, its member associations are composed of mostly new immigrants from mainland China. In recent years, CACA has organized lots of influential events in promoting multicultural, encouraging mutual communications and interactions between Canada and China in economic and cultural aspects.

Over the past 11 years, CACA has raised funds for local charities, e.g. Barkerville Historic Town and Park Chinese cemetery repair project. It has supported both national and international major disaster relief events, e.g. Nepal Earthquake Relief,Japan earthquake tsunami, etc. In the McMurray fire relief, CACA successfully collected more than $270,000 donations. For 2017 BC fire relief again collected more than 130 thousand dollars.

CACA also played an important role to encourage Chinese communities to involve in political affairs and elections. Encourage Chinese communities to voice out for their opinions and suggestions, to promote voting turnout in all three level government elections.

Looking forward, CACA will continue to support local community development and promote multicultural, continue to help new immigrants and response to worldwide emergency events. CACA will further encourage unity and harmony between brother associations and will accept more associations to join the Alliance.

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